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Thank you for your enquiry into sponsorship with our company Altogether Care.

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We have been sponsoring Registered Nurses for many years now and have a vast experience in the process of the administration and successful application for our staff.

We sponsor staff in the following departments:

Registered Nurses (Care Homes)

Senior Carers (Care Homes)

Senior Carers (Domiciliary Care/Care in the Community)

Senior Carers (Live in Care)

We believe that all of our overseas staff that we employ should have professional support in their application from start to finish and should have the same support on future UK citizenship if required.

Therefore we have developed a clear pathway and an independent support network for new staff wishing to work for Altogether Care. This independent support and guidance is the only access to sponsorship at Altogether Care, but will enable a successful application for candidates successful at interview with one of our senior managers.

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Hear from an

Altogether Care Client

“Altogether Care staff help me look after my husband as he had a fall that left him unable to walk. The carers are amazing – we have built some great relationships and trust. Since going to Altogether Care in January this year, we have had so many giggles with the carers and play little harmless pranks on each other to lighten the mood in our home.

They brighten up our day as we don’t see many people, so thank you guys for caring and making me and Joe laugh.”

Some recent day to day activities