Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Your Wellbeing Is As Important To Us As It Is To You

When it comes to helping you to live life to the full, we believe that providing the best possible care is all about being there for you when you need us, and getting to know you well enough so we know when you don’t.

Your wellbeing is as important to us as it is to you, and that is why:

* Your carer will always see themselves as a guest in your home and never enter your property or rooms without your express consent.
* Our carers are always discrete. You are always free to carry on as if your carer isn’t there – whether you are entertaining visitors, having a conversation, or making a telephone call.
* Your records will only be viewed by those who need to know details of your care.

* We do everything possible to minimise any feelings of inadequacy, inferiority and vulnerability that may be caused from disability.
* We will always respect and respond to personal preferences and cultural diversity.
* If you need assistance with tasks such as dressing, bathing and toileting, you are able to have your say in choosing your carer, wherever possible.

* We focus on what you can do, just as much as supporting you with what you can’t, encouraging you to manage for yourself wherever possible.
* Our carers will involve you in planning your own care, devising and implementing care plans and managing the records of care.
* We believe in continuity of service.

* We will help you to create a home environment that is free from unnecessary dangers, without creating a sterile, risk-free lifestyle.
* We always carry out thorough risk assessments to give you and your relatives added peace of mind.
* All our staff are carefully selected and trained to provide services responsibly and professionally.

* Everyday and everyone is different, and so our service is designed to fit around your daily routine – not the other way around.
* We will always try and organise schedules so the staff you feel comfortable with are available to provide your care.
* We encourage you to make informed decisions when choosing the organisation and individuals who provide you with assistance.

* We will do our best to help you take part in as broad a range of social and cultural activities as possible.
* Our carers always go out of their way to understand and respond to your wishes to participate in minority-interest events or activities.
* We will do everything possible to help you to achieve those dreams and ambitions which still remain unfulfilled.


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