Our Services

Our Services

We are there for people when they need us most

Just like trusted friends and family, we’re there for people when they need us most, whatever time of day or night that might be.

Our services include:

Live-in care
A real alternative to residential care without compromising the level of care and support you receive. Live-in care also offers the security, flexibility and peace of mind that comes with having a familiar care worker living with you in your own home

High Dependency Care
Offers you the chance to return home early from hospital when you :
• No longer need hospital care but are highly dependent physically
• Have suffered a serious medical event or have a long term disability and/or illness
• Need post operative or post trauma care requiring close observation 24 hours a day with ready access to qualified and experienced community based staff.

Dementia Care
When you are caring for someone with dementia it can be all too easy to ignore your own needs and forget that you matter too. But it is much easier to cope if you receive help from our experienced dementia care trained carers. They can stand in for you for a while or permanently while you work or look after your own health and wellbeing

Learning Disability Care
This service is for people with significantly reduced ability to cope independently who live in housing options in the community and need help and care from a specially trained care worker

Personal Care
If you need help with the activities of daily living such as going to the toilet and personal presentation, do not feel uneasy or self conscious about it . Our care workers are highly trained and experienced and will respond to your needs with great sensitivity

Practical Support
We can help you to live an independent, active and healthy life by assisting you with things such as household cleaning, washing and ironing, shopping, cooking and collecting pensions. We also provide a transport and escort service for medical appointments, day care attendance and outings.

Hospital to Home service
By offering you short term practical and emotional support, we will ensure your return home is a happy and stress free one. We will prepare your home for you by turning on your heating, making your bed and stocking your fridge. After that we will look after you until you are well enough to manage alone again

Re-enabling and enabling care
We can help you regain your skills, confidence and independence after an accident or health episode

Activity Therapy
We can help you lead a more productive, active and full life by engaging in hobbies, leisure activities

Personal Assistant
This service helps you find and employ a suitable person to give you a hand with the range of tasks, duties and responsibilities you undertake in your life as well as social activities

End of Life Care
To be comfortable in your own home in the twilight of your life is important. By providing a programme of palliative care our specially trained carers can help and support you and your family


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