Day to Day Life

Day to Day Life

Supporting you to get the most out of each day

During your stay at Steepleton Manor you will find attentive care staff, impressive facilities and grounds, and a range of diverse activities and nutrition plans so you are able to lead an enjoyable, healthy and active lifestyle. We focus on your emotional and mental wellbeing as well as physical, with a variety of activities such as art classes, themed dinners, keep fit classes, musical and theatrical events, and local excursions to keep both body and mind active– making it the ideal choice to continue your sociable interests.

As in life, no two days are the same here. You won’t find set routines and daily schedules during your stay. What you will find is a team of dedicated, responsive staff committed to giving you all the freedom and support you need to get the most out of each day.

Who lives here?

The people who live at Steepleton Manor all have their own unique story to share. Just like your own home, it’s the vibrant personalities and absorbing, inspiring stories that bring ours to life. Our guests come from all walks of life. The close bonds that are forged here are a testament to the great sense of community and depth of caring that is shared by all.

Take a look at our sample activities and outings programme, or our sample menu to see a taster of nutritiously balanced, freshly prepared meals.

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