Weymouth Care Home

Weymouth Care Home

Expert Nursing Care, Holiday Care and Day Care at our Care Home in Weymouth

At Weymouth Care Home, our focus is providing a caring and nurturing environment in which our residents can continue to live in a happy and varied lifestyle.

Situated in Weymouth town with easy access to the beach and bay, Weymouth Care Home provides dedicated Nursing Care, Holiday Care, Assisted Living, and Day Care. You will find expert care delivered by our team of compassionate, fully trained nurses and support staff who will treat you as part of our family, with dignity and respect for your individual needs.

At Weymouth Care Home, we encourage your individuality, and always endeavour to listen to your decisions about how we provide your care and support. We believe that by listening to your thoughts about how we can improve your wellbeing, your time spent with us is relaxing, enjoyable, and stress-free.

With the benefit of communal spaces and our garden, we encourage our residents at Weymouth Care Home to be as sociable and active as possible. We regularly take trips to local places of interest including the nearby beach; we hold social events and activities and ensure all residents enjoy a varied, nutritious diet.

Your life should be as similar to how it was before care – so you needn’t worry about losing freedom of choice. Your independence is key to overall wellbeing and quality of life, so you will find that your needs are always understood through a warm and caring approach.

We want you to continue living your life as you did before care – just with the added support that ensures you live your life to the full.

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