Live-in Care

Live-in Care

The modern solution to care

Our Live-in Care service can offer you a solution if you require 24/7 care and support with everyday life but wish to remain in your own home. We know it can be a difficult and emotional time acknowledging the need for support so that you continue living at home, which is why we make it easy for you to maintain your independence as much as possible.

You may need help with tasks around the home with the reassurance of regular companionship, or daily support and assistance with personal care may be a priority for you.

Whatever your requirements, your individual needs will be considered and you will be able to make the choices about the things that you want to do with your life. We can also help you stay in touch with your family and friends and with the wider community, and your interests and hobbies will be supported.

At Altogether Care we are always looking for new ways to improve so you can be assured that we are consistently providing you with the highest quality live-in care. We will carry out detailed service reviews, regularly talk with our staff and most importantly, ensure that we listen to the people who matter most– those receiving care and their families.

One of our supervisors or managers also conducts annual visits to all of those who receive care so that we can hear about your experiences and suggestions first hand and ensure that we are delivering the right kind of live-in care.

Our Principles

You are at the heart of everything we do. Our core principles influence the way we run our service and the way in which we deliver your care, even if you are not in one of our homes, you are still part of our family. Our values underpin everything that we do, and shapes how we provide care to you each and every day.

People focus

Personal care and support promotes your active participation that achieves positive outcomes.

Delivering care excellence

Your feedback helps us to constantly review our services to ensure that we continue to deliver care excellence.

Personal welfare

Your overall personal and healthcare needs and preferences are included within our package of care. We cooperate with other services and professionals to give you the highest possible level of independence.

Flexible care

Your needs and care preferences are thoroughly assessed from the beginning. Our commitment to providing care designed around both your existing and potential future needs ultimately ensures that the care we provide has the flexibility to meet your ever-changing circumstances.

Quality services

We’re passionate about providing the very best care possible and are committed to continuous improvement in the level of the care we offer.

Quality people

Through a continuing programme of staff training and development, we help our people be the best they can be- both personally and professionally- so they can deliver the best possible care to you.

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