25 April 2016



Steepleton Manor Care Home now looks forward to regular visits from Oscar, a local therapy dog who has stolen the hearts of the Residents and staff at the Nursing Home based in Winterbourne Steepleton.

Oscar has been a therapy dog for the last 5 years and his friendly and calm nature makes him ideal company for the twenty three residents.  Alyson

Mead, Manager at Steepleton Manor said, “Oscar has been coming a few months now and he’s as pleased to see the residents as they are to see him.

He mingles well and receives lots of fuss and attention from everyone. His presence is a joy to all who meet him. It makes such a difference to the residents, some of whom used to have dogs before coming to Steepleton Manor. We are very grateful to his owner for allowing him to spend special time here”.

Oscar is ten years old and lives with his owner Victoria Peel, close to the Nursing Home.

Some recent day to day activities