24 January 2017

Look who dropped in for lunch…

Residents at Steepleton Manor Care Home had two surprise lunch guests when Alpacas Jimmy and Oliver dropped in to visit at the 29 bedroomed care home. 80 year old resident John Redhead shared a special greeting with Jimmy, who lives at Alpaca Adventure in Shaftesbury with 28 other Alpacas and their owner Wendy Williams.

Alpaca’s main diet is grass but they also enjoy hay and dried food which is specially prepared for them. They originate from South America and the average sized Alpaca stands around 4ft tall to the top of its back.

Both Jimmy and Oliver often visit care homes and other local community members so regularly enjoy a pat or a cuddle. Residents fed the Alpacas who also visited the rooms of residents who were unable to join the group in the lounge.

Rachel Lewis from Steepleton Manor said, ‘It was a delight for the Alpacas to visit some residents who were in bed and then see a bright smile come to their faces’.

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