31 March 2017

Altogether Care expands its high street presence

We have received a positive response to the opening of our three latest Care at Home offices in West Moors, Poole and Yeovil.

Our ‘Care at Home’ branches offer local people an opportunity to explore and arrange care services for their loved ones by popping into see our specialist staff, who can assist in arranging a wide spectrum of care services for people who wish to remain in their own home but may require regular assistance.

We have been astonished by the high take-up of our care service and the high degree of customer satisfaction and happiness. This, we believe, is due to the scope and reliability of our local service for local people and its pick and mix characteristics. The engagement of our staff and their commitment to providing the best service is so rewarding and exciting to be part of. Care at Home is an important part of the local health and social care infrastructure, and for many people it provides a lifeline and a chance to remain safe at home for longer.

Some recent day to day activities