12 April 2017

Testimonial letter

We recently received a testimonial letter from the family of one of our Sherborne House residents who recently passed away – we are so happy to hear that our staff made such a difference to Doris’ life. Thank you to the family of Doris Britton for such kind words.

On behalf of the family of Doris Britton, We would like to express our gratification to Sherborne House Care Home, Yeovil. Once we as a family accepted that Mum/Nan was unable to return home after a long stay in Hospital, we were able to see the positives to this environment and how this Care Home could meet the individual needs of our beloved Mum/Nan.

The professional Care started at the assessment stage, where the Care Home took time to consider if their environment was the most appropriate to meet Mum/Nan’s needs.

Thankfully for us, this Care Home was felt to be a suitable match.

Mum/Nan transferred to Sherborne House Care Home and on her arrival the staff had already supported in preparing her room, making sure this was a welcoming place for her to spend time, a room which could be described as Home from Home.

Sadly for us, Mum/Nan quickly became unwell, meaning she was classed as End of Life. This proving to be a sad time for the family, however, this time was made more bearable with the care and support we as a Family witnessed for our Mum/Nan and also for us as her Family.

During this time, Family spent time within the home 24/7. All family members were made to feel comfortable and welcomed. A bedroom was provided for us to allow us a space to rest, sleep and gather our thoughts, this room was available for the duration of the time Family were at Mum/ Nan’s bedside. This amounted to 7 days in total. During this time refreshments were frequently offered and provided.

Mum/Nan received excellent personal care and all elements were documented in the appropriate way. This resulting in Mum/Nan being comfortable and having her personal care needs met.

What quickly became apparent was the knowledge all staff have in regards to all aspects of the care sector. Whenever questions were asked, the responses were always clearly explained, leaving us with an understanding of the situation.

The atmosphere within this home is very welcoming and this is down to the staff being able to work effectively as a team. Staff members support each other and embrace their roles showing a passion for their jobs.

Care staff knew when to report concerns to the Nurse in Charge and Mum/Nan was promptly seen, the situation assessed and dealt with effectively at all times.
The Manager, Caroline showed us she is hands on in providing the care, as well as effectively managing the Home.

Nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff, they all frequently went above and beyond and often asking how we as a Family are coping and feeling.
The Home registered Mum/Nan with an excellent compassionate GP, Dr Steven Wood and made contact with the Vicar to visit. Pets were also welcomed.

Staff members sat with Mum/Nan to ensure she was not alone and all said Goodbye to her, even shedding a tear, as they saw Mum/Nan as part of their extended family.

Sherborne House Care Home recommended AJ Wakely &Sons (Sherborne) as the Funeral Director. We would like to thank them for the Care and Love they have shown to Mum/Nan and the Family. They are a very professional company with compassion and empathy.

Finally, we as a family would like to thank everyone at Sherborne House Care Home for the love, support and Care our wonderful Mum/Nan received and for how you made us feel welcomed and valued throughout this difficult time.

Your love, support, and compassion throughout was very much appreciated and always will be.

-The Family of Doris Britton.

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