15 March 2018

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Altogether Care took part in Random Acts of Kindness Day last month on Saturday 17th February. We asked our staff to let us know if they have seen any examples of extraordinary acts of kindness- over and above what we would expect in our day to day roles as part of a caring company.

Taking inspiration from Matt Callanan – wemakegoodhappen.com – our Care Home and Care at Home departments received bright yellow envelopes containing £10 with simple instructions to be distributed around Dorset and Somerset. The rules are simple:

  • You can’t spend it on yourself
  • You have to do good with it

The envelopes encouraged the lucky strangers to be creative, do something lovely, or make someone smile. Below is just one example of how kindness was spread across the South West.

“We have a young homeless girl that we are supporting with our organisation, Second Chance Bournemouth, who desperately needed some new shoes. We doubled the money and bought her a new pair of trainers. We also treated her to some pampering and a set of new clothes with a cash donation from another beautiful soul. It was lovely to see such a smiling happy face on a cold sunny day!”

          – Shelley Morris


Some recent day to day activities