7 June 2018

Complex care needs require more flexible options

As the population continues to age the number of older people with multiple health issues and complex care needs is increasing. Understanding the different care and support options that are available isn’t always easy. Rules regarding funding of long-term nursing care are not straightforward.

In addition to a range of physical and mobility related needs, complex care can include conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, strokes and behavioural difficulties arising from a loss of mental awareness.

Care planning has to reflect the highly individual nature of each person’s health issues and needs. Better understanding of the care available will help to alleviate issues of older people remaining in hospital despite being medically fit for discharge. Equally, it is clear that many older people are discharged without having an appropriate care package agreed and are left to struggle on at home as best they can.

Nursing Care

For many, a care home represents an opportunity to get the specialist nursing care they need to live a more fulfilling life. Sometimes this can be a temporary arrangement as they recover from a fall or an operation and sometimes it is longer-term. The important thing is that their needs are assessed carefully, and an appropriate care package is devised.

In other cases, receiving nursing care in their own home is the person’s preferred option. Some people benefit from the greater sense of independence and home care also removes the need to fund the residential element of care home fees.

There is no single solution that suits everyone, which is why we make care for people with complex needs highly individualised and as easy as possible to access.

Throughout our care homes we offer access to a qualified care team 24-hours a day, covering a range of specialties. We also offer high dependency care and help with reablement in people’s own homes. It’s all about fitting the care package and the setting around the needs of each individual.

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