10 September 2018

Assisted Living – Help to Live Later Life the Way You Want to

As we get older, routine tasks such as cooking and housework or even bathing and dressing can get harder and more time-consuming. Getting to social events and activities can become a chore. All of which can start to get in the way of living the life you want to live.

At Steepleton Manor and all of our care homes, we see a vital part of our role as providing assisted living rather than just delivering care. We aim to make the basics as simple as possible so that our residents can spend more time doing what they like.

An extensive refurbishment programme at Steepleton Manor is providing residents with new high-quality modern accommodation. Here they can live independently with all the reassurance that assisted living support and care. Living in a luxurious Grade II country house, set in beautiful grounds and surrounded by friends is also a wish fulfilled for many.

Companionship, social activities, and trips are always close to hand. In addition to our activities programme, we can also provide chargeable custom events to meet resident’s needs- such as a trip to the pub for lunch, fishing, or a trip to the theatre, all of which can be arranged with or without support from care staff.

Care Homes Redefined

As people live longer and stay healthier, we are seeing a redefinition of old age as simply another phase of a fulfilling and enjoyable life. The role of the care home is changing to suit.

In the past, it may have been seen as somewhere you go when you can no longer cope. Now it is increasingly seen as a positive choice where people might opt to use some of the wealth they have earned to make later life easier, more fun, and less like hard work.

If there are specific medical or care needs it also helps when these are provided in the place people live, and that trained care staff are on hand to make sure that the care given is adapted as needs change.

If your picture of a care home is of an austere setting where people count off their remaining days, pay a visit to Steepleton Manor or any Altogether Care home – you’ll see a very different picture. Contact us today on 01305 300 161 or visit our website.

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