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Alpacas visit care home

Alpacas visit care homeResidents at Weymouth Care Home were treated to a visit from two Alpacas named Ollie and Hurry.  The happy pair visited some residents at their bedside and merrily trotted around making new friends.

Weymouth Care Home currently has 33 residents and provides residential care for those with dementia.  It is part of Altogether Care, a Dorset and Somerset care provider.

Owl is a hoot at Weymouth Care Home

Owl is a hoot at Weymouth Care HomeA barn owl proved to be popular at Weymouth Care Home when he dropped in to visit residents.  The visit was one of many planned activities at the care home which is owned by Altogether Care.

Manager, Paula Hartley said, ‘We like to organise lots of interesting events and visits for our residents and birds and animals are always very popular. We have an Alpaca coming to visit soon. We’d like to thank The Owl Academy for allowing our residents the pleasure of seeing such a beautiful bird’.

Care Home Open Day

Care Home Open DayTo celebrate Care Home Open Day, Sherborne House had a garden party on Wednesday 15th June. Unfortunately due to weather it became a lounge party instead but it was enjoyed by all who attended.

We proudly raised £190.45 altogether throughout the afternoon. The residents enjoyed many activities which included, guess the weight of the cake (made and decorated by our chef Julie and residents), match the baby picture of the staff member and forget me not badges on sale in the name of the Alzheimer’s Society.


Respite care for you and your carer

Respite care is for people who need to stay in a care home temporarily. It might be because you need extra care for a period of time or to give your regular carer a break from their responsibilities.

It’s different from residential or nursing care, which is for people who need a more permanent arrangement, or require more in depth nursing care.Respite care for you and your carer

Respite – or replacement care as it’s sometimes known – might be planned or used to help you through a difficult time.

For instance, if you’re recovering from an injury or illness and it’s not safe for you to stay at home, a short stay in a care home might be the answer. You’ll get the specialist, around-the-clock care you need whilst you recover, and can then move back home when you feel ready.

Or if you’ve recently become disabled, you might need temporary support while you adjust to your new lifestyle. It would also provide some time away from your home while special adaptations and aids are fitted.

It can also be an opportunity to experience a home. So that should you need residential care in the future it can help you choose somewhere you feel comfortable, adjust to life in care and get to know the staff.

Caring for someone – whether it’s a family member or loved one – is a big responsibility and can be stressful. So taking a break is important for you and the person caring for. Respite care allows you to go on holiday, catch up on sleep or simply have some time alone  with peace of mind that your loved one is being well looked after.

Which home you choose for respite care will depend on the person’s needs. For instance, you may need somewhere that provides specialist nursing or dementia care.

Some residential homes provide places for people who need to stay temporarily, while others are specialist respite facilities. They’re set up to provide a balance between independent living and professional care; offering activities and events to give residents an enjoyable and refreshing break.

If you are considering respite care for a loved one, Altogether Care provide a range of services to cater for individual needs, from care at home services to care homes such as Steepleton Manor. A stay at Steepleton Manor provides an individual with the finest accommodation, alongside professional care and a wealth of activities to ensure it is an enjoyable break.

To find out more about how Altogether Care can help you and your loved one you can visit the website or contact us directly on 01305 300 161.


Why family-run care homes are often the best choice

Why family-run care homes are often the best choiceMaking the decision to move into a care home – and choosing the right one – is never easy.

Usually, you’ll be saying goodbye to the house where you’ve spent many years of your life. And leaving familiar surroundings where you feel safe and secure.

That’s why it often makes sense to choose a family-run care home.

While they’re subject to the same quality standards as any organisation, family-owned care homes also have a personal stake in the businesses and its reputation.

As well as helping to drive up standards, this also makes them more accountable. After all, if there’s an issue over quality, they can be held to account straightaway. As opposed to a big company where the complaint would probably have to be passed through numerous members of staff.

Also, family care businesses are almost always smaller than those owned by corporate companies. And they’re not beholden to shareholders in the way large businesses are.

This means the owners have more freedom to create the kind of homely, close-knit environment they’d want their own relatives to live in.

It’s easier for them to focus on the small details, which often makes all the difference. Like the meals they cook, the outings they organise or entertainment they put on. Rather than stick rigidly to decisions made by corporate bosses hundreds of miles away.

They can run homes according to their own family values, and make the dignity and comfort of residents their highest priority.

And because they’re often smaller, staff and residents get to know each other better. As a result, residents often receive more personalised care and maintain more of their individuality and independence.

Family-run homes will often have been part of the community for many years. The owners will be locals themselves, know the area, and sometimes the residents’ families. This helps residents relate to the owners, and makes the move into a home as comfortable and stress-free as possible – for them and their families.

Yeovil Care Home is a finalist

Yeovil Care Home is a finalistSherborne House Care Home in Yeovil reached the finals of the Care Awards 2016 which was organised by Care Focus (South West).  An awards evening took place on 22nd April in Taunton with a total of twelve separate awards for those employed in the care sector. Sherborne House employs forty two staff and was short-listed for the Outstanding Care team Award.


Caroline Sharp, Manager at Sherborne House said, ‘Although we didn’t win we were delighted to be nominated and attend the event. My staff always work hard in everything that they do and they are all winners every day’.  Sherborne House specialises in Dementia Care and is part of the Altogether Care Group.


Ben McGrail from BBC Somerset hosted the awards evening and presented each category  winner with flowers.  Guests enjoyed a three course meal and a disco.


For more information please contact Ellie Phillips PR on 07834 752200

Birds of Wisdom mark Royal Birthday

Steepleton Manor Care Home marked the Queen’s 90th Birthday with a visit from two Owls.  Biscuit and Olly, a Barn Owl and a Tawny Owl popped iBarn Owlnto the residential nursing home on the 21st April with their handler Mike Savage from Woodlands Haven Wildlife Rescue, a Dorset based wildlife rescue centre.

Mike Savage said, ‘We really enjoyed visiting the residents as it’s always a pleasure to raise awareness of local wildlife. Owls require specialist care and should not be kept as pets’.

Steepleton Manor has twenty one residents who celebrated the Queen’s birthday with a special lunch complete with Union Jack flags. Alyson Mead, Manager at Steepleton Manor said, ‘The Queen has very much wisdom so we thought it very fitting to have two lovely owls visiting as they are often known for their wisdom. The residents love to see animals and wildlife so this is a real treat for them’.

Woodlands Haven Wildlife Rescue is not open to the public but regularly visits schools, hospitals and other establishments to raise awareness of British wildlife.



Steepleton Manor Care Home now looks forward to regular visits from Oscar, a local therapy dog who has stolen the hearts of the Residents and staff at the Nursing Home based in Winterbourne Steepleton.

Oscar has been a therapy dog for the last 5 years and his friendly and calm nature makes him ideal company for the twenty three residents.  Alyson

Mead, Manager at Steepleton Manor said, “Oscar has been coming a few months now and he’s as pleased to see the residents as they are to see him.

He mingles well and receives lots of fuss and attention from everyone. His presence is a joy to all who meet him. It makes such a difference to the residents, some of whom used to have dogs before coming to Steepleton Manor. We are very grateful to his owner for allowing him to spend special time here”.

Oscar is ten years old and lives with his owner Victoria Peel, close to the Nursing Home.

Personal care options and costs


Choosing the right type of care

family-515530_1280Most people need some type of long-term care when they get older.

When the time comes, the thought of changing the way you live is daunting enough. But with so much to take into account, it can be an even more frightening and confusing experience.

So, whether you’re at this stage of your life or you want to make plans for a loved one, it’s worth thinking about the options available, so you can make the right choice.

Probably the biggest decision to make is whether you’re cared for in a residential home, or in your own house.

Many people prefer to remain in their own home, particularly if they’ve lived there for many years. The surroundings are familiar, and it helps you feel safe and secure if family and friends are nearby. Plus, it allows you to stay more independent.

If that’s the case, you can get regular visits from a carer, who can help you with daily tasks like cooking meals, shopping and personal care. You can get fall alarms installed or special adaptations fitted, to give you peace of mind for times when you’re on your own. And if you still enjoy getting out and about, your care could include day centre visits with transport provided.

But if you need more round-the-clock help, or it’s not safe for you to stay in your house, you might have to think about moving into care home.

There are many types of care home. They employ trained staff and can offer a range services, so which you choose will probably depend on how much support you need.

For instance, you may only need help with certain tasks, like getting dressed and washed.

Or you may need more specialist help, which involves nursing care or support from an experienced carer. Many homes also provide support for people with dementia.

It’s also more of a social environment. So, if you enjoy company and always having someone to talk to, it could be the best choice for you. If your spouse is still with you, often they can move in as well.

Choosing the right type of care is never easy, but Altogether Care makes the process as stress-free as possible. Our Care Match options are designed to give you the care that best suits your needs. And if those needs ever change, we make it simple to switch to another option, so your care always fits around you.

Thinking about how to pay for your care can also be stressful.

While financial help is available, most people have to pay at least something towards the cost of their care. How much of your own money you’ll have to use will depend on what you can afford.

At the moment, if you have between £14,250 and £23,250 in property and savings (and qualify for help), the council will contribute towards the cost. If you have less, most local authorities will cover all your care costs. If you have more, you won’t get any help.

(In 2020, this threshold will increase and a cap on the cost of care is being introduced, so more people will be eligible for help sooner.)

It’s also important to know that, before you can apply for financial help, the council will assess you to find out how much care you need.

Why choose Altogether Care?

Why choose Altogether careAs they say, you work for the majority of your life and you are at your work more than you are at home. So it is vitally important to do a job that you love and are passionate about for an employer who appreciates what you do for them.

A career in care is hugely satisfying, having the ability to make a positive difference to an individual and their families’ life. Positions in care offer varied work and with everyday being different it gives you the chance to develop your skills and knowledge further. Working so closely with individuals receiving care gives you the opportunity to develop rewarding relationships whilst providing the company many crave.

Altogether Care, are an independent family owned business that has been running for over 25 years. We have strong family values which are embedded within all of our Care Homes and Care at Home services. But what are the advantages of choosing us?

We aim to be the employer of choice; being caring, honest, open, involving, creative and ethical. We recognise that every member of our staff are our biggest asset and are therefore always striving to develop rewards and benefit initiatives to demonstrate this. Our benefits include a Government recognised pension, training and development programme, mileage allowance plus more.

Altogether Care has recently introduced a staff benefit scheme which includes: retail discount vouchers, child care vouchers, discounted holidays and travel insurance, various leisure and restaurant vouchers, a hospital plan and much more.

We are committed to providing the very best in terms of quality care, the same we would want for our own family, ensuring our residents are treated as individuals and with respect and dignity.

If you’d like to find out more on pursuing a career in care with Altogether Care please get in touch.


See what some of our staff have to say about working for us:

Ami (Field Care Supervisor, Care at Home, Bournemouth)

I love my job with Altogether Care because I am able to interact with both carers and clients whilst developing my supervisory skills. Working as a Field Care Supervisor has been a big confidence booster, as I have to communicate with a wide range of people; health and social care professionals, family members and fellow colleagues. I am seen as the ‘face’ of Care at Home (Bournemouth) and I get great job satisfaction dealing successfully with any staff or client queries or concerns.

I particularly enjoy completing the initial assessment with a new client as you really get to know them and their past history – it’s both rewarding and fascinating.

Altogether Care has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. I have completed the Level 5 in Health & Social Care & have attended various training courses to build my portfolio.

Above all, probably the best aspect of my job is that I am not just sitting in an office. I am out there, in the ‘field of care’ ensuring that our carers are delivering a consistently high standard of care to our service users, something which really enhances their comfort and day to day standard of living. It’s a great reason to get up in the morning!

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