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St. Patrick’s Day unites care home residents


Weymouth Care Home, Steepleton Manor, and Sherborne House united last week and joined forces on St Patrick’s Day to celebrate all things Irish.

Residents and staff from all three care homes enjoyed live Irish music as Accordionist Louise Dukes led the way with Irish tunes such as ‘Danny Boy’, ‘Molly Malone’ and ‘The Galway Shawl’, and residents enjoyed making Shamrock shaped collages. Over 35 people clapped and sung along to old Irish favourites such as ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’.

Irish flags, balloons and decorations were put up especially for the day. All staff and residents thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations!

PJ Day at Care Home


Many people wish that they could wear their pyjamas to work… and recently that wish came true for staff at Sherborne House, where both residents and staff participated in a pyjama day to raise money for charity.

The event was held to raise money for the Children’s Heart Foundation, in honour of Sebastian Leader who has undergone three heart operations. Residents and staff enjoyed a comfy day in their pyjamas, onesies and slippers, raising a total of £66.06.

Well done to all those involved!

Understanding Dementia Care

careUnderstanding how to care and support a person suffering from Dementia can be a challenge. Dementia is the umbrella term for a wide range of symptoms linked with the decline of memory to a level which then affects a person’s ability to independently function as they once did. The most common form of Dementia is Alzheimer’s Disease but there are also many other forms of dementia which are less common but display similar symptoms and will have similar effects upon the person suffering.

Living with dementia can have a big emotional, social, psychological and practical impact on a person especially as the disease develops. Forgetting short term memories and finding themselves very confused can upset, frustrate and anger someone suffering. In some cases their long term memories will be their strongest and nostalgic environments, pictures and music can be the triggers to open them up.

As the disease develops and the person begins to forget more this can affect:

• Personality
• Confidence
• Social ability
• Independent abilities and skills – at the beginning this could include driving and cooking but as the disease is progressive can develop to feeding themselves and controlling bodily functions

Despite the biggest impact being on the person suffering from this disease, their carer’s, family and friends will also face a huge challenge adapting to support and care. This video portrays one man’s struggles coming to terms with how his wife has changed from suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease. Often families wish to keep their loved one at home for as long as possible, in familiar surroundings, where they can care for them. But as a progressive disease it often comes to a point where professional care is required in the form of a specialist care home.

It can be difficult to choose which care home will be most beneficial to your loved ones care needs. Altogether Care’s specialist dementia care home is Sherborne House. Person-centred care is principle in our philosophy, believing that those living with Dementia who are well supported by a professional team giving them their time and energy are more likely to lead fulfilling lives for longer. Sherborne House has been furnished and decorated with Dementia in mind, incorporating sensory touches and memory triggers that research has shown really benefits the cognitive process. Clinical care is supported with a healthy diet, using fresh ingredients and menus to suit all tastes and requirements and at times we will also call upon various alternative therapies such as; physiotherapy, reflexology Reiki and aroma-therapy to complement clients care needs.

We understand how difficult it can be to entrust a care home with a loved one who you have watched suffer from the changes of Dementia which is why we offer you to spend the day with us to really get a feel for our homes.

To find out more about the tailored care that we can offer you, get in touch 01305 300 161.

William Woos Residents


William the miniature donkey from Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary visited Steepleton Manor Care Home recently and took advantage of some extra fuss and attention from staff and residents. Daphne Morrison, 99, (pictured) made the most of meeting him.

For some residents, it stirred up memories of the past and for others it simply provided the chance to stroke an animal usually found in fields, on beaches or in Christmas Nativity events.

Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary is a charity so all proceeds from their visit will go directly to help rescue donkeys. The charity rescues and cares for donkeys both in the UK and worldwide and was formed in 1969 by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen, MBE.


Verwood Team Score Success


We are proud to sponsor the team kit for Verwood Ladies football team, who play on Tuesdays at Potterne Park. The team have won a number of matches since they formed in 2015, and despite finishing one from the bottom of the league last season, they are now fifth place in the Dorset Women’s league.

Karla Jordan, defensive midfield, said, ‘We currently have around twenty players and the club is looking to enter the South West Women’s league next season. We have fantastic training facilities and a great pitch. We are working closely with Verwood Girls, and always looking to grow our squad. It’s important to develop the future of women’s football locally and beyond’.

Photo: Verwood Ladies Football Team

Gracie is a hoot with the residents!

Little owl at Steeps

Animal therapy for care home residents has been proven to enhance wellbeing and positively encourages interaction. Regular contact with animals can not only aid sensory stimulation but also brings smiles to many faces. Here at Altogether Care, we regularly receive visits from furry four and two-legged friends to enhance the lives of those who live with us.

Last week residents at Steepleton Manor Care Home enjoyed some animal therapy when Gracie the owl from a Dorset based Owl Sanctuary dropped in. Everybody enjoyed stroking Gracie, who seemed to be quite at home despite the fact that it was not night time!

Photo: Anne Dixon with Gracie.

Valentine’s Wine and Cheese


Here at Altogether Care, we believe that regular group activity is the key to maintaining wellbeing and peace of mind, which is why we create weekly task-based activities that involve the celebration of national holidays. This ensures that residents regularly feel included in group tasks where they can interact with others, providing residents with something different to do and encouraging an active mind.

Earlier this month, residents at Sherborne House celebrated St. Valentine’s Day where a selection of wine and cheeses were available for residents to enjoy– in moderation!

Photo: Residents Ruby and Amy (pictured) made the most of the occasion.

National Pizza Day at Sherborne House


Regular group activity within a care setting provides residents with opportunities to engage with others as well as providing a creative outlet. Ensuring that residents are regularly involved in group tasks not only contributes to overall wellbeing but also aids stimulation and maintains an active mind.

Participation in a variety of group tasks ensures that residents regularly feel involved, happy, and at ease.

This month, residents and staff at Sherborne House marked National Pizza Day on the 9th February by making their own pizzas together. Everyone enjoyed tucking into their home-made creations!

Photo: residents Amy and Raymond prepare to layer on the cheese!

Wellbeing at the core of care


Wellbeing; the new concept for quality of life, covering both physical and mental capabilities & emotions.

As we age, we experience more aches and pains than before, we might not be able to walk as far as we once did or stay up as late as we used to. But what does this mean for the quality of our lives? Will we become more isolated because of it, will this make us lonely and how might we cope if we lose a loved one?

Understanding wellbeing and its importance to an individual’s life is at the very core of personal centred care.

The fundamentals for wellbeing may sound basic to some, but if they are not met they can have an astounding effect on somebody’s life. These fundamentals include:

• Personal – Feeling safe and being listened to, valued and respected
• Physical – Able to get the help they need, when they need it and how they need it
• Comfort – Live in a place that suits them and their lives
• Lifestyle – Are able to participate in the things that matter to them and that they enjoy

Person centred care is based on the care worker understanding your own individual life; this includes many aspects such as your needs & wants both physically and mentally and your favoured lifestyle choices. Understanding, appreciating and being considerate when caring for someone will be key to helping them maintain good wellbeing.

Altogether Care’s perfect balance was coined to ensure our personal approach embraces physical and emotional needs to deliver just the right balance between independent living and professional care. Enabling you to enjoy life as you want with the assurance of us at your side.

With a complete range of care options available from Altogether Care you can select the right choice for you and as your needs change over time, it is simple to change your care options to suit you. To find out more get in touch on 01305 300 161 or visit our homepage.

The joy of youth!



Residents at Sherborne House Care home made the most of a visit from a younger member of the community recently when 6 year old Emme Else joined in a painting session. Emme had some free time and wanted to share it with the 24 residents in Yeovil.

Sheila Bundy (pictured) was thrilled to spend time with Emme who brought a smile to the faces of each resident.

Caroline Sharp from Sherborne House said, ‘Emme specifically wanted to spend time here at Sherborne House and her cheerful personality made us all smile’.

Photo: Sheila Bundy (Sherborne House resident) with Emme.

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