7 December 2016

Gwen celebrates her 102nd birthday

Weymouth Care Home resident Gwen Lloyd-worth celebrated a very special birthday on 28th November, reaching the impressive age of 102 years old.

Gwen, who has a daughter and a son, three grandchildren and five great grandchildren lived in Weymouth and in the past worked within the family business running skating at The Sidney Hall in Weymouth. Sadly her husband Stuart passed away several years ago.

Gwen puts her longevity down to healthy eating and at one time grew and ate her own fruit and vegetables and fresh herbs. She has enjoyed eating salad for lunch for many years and adored travelling, including a trip to Australia and a holiday via the Channel Tunnel. A keen dog lover, Gwen once bred Yorkshire Terriers whilst living in Yorkshire.

Born in Southampton in 1914, Gwen later moved to Weymouth where she spent the majority of her life with her family.  As a hobby, Gwen often enjoyed flower arranging and was a member of various local flower clubs.

She moved to Weymouth Care Home three years ago and now enjoys a wide variety of social activities with the other residents and staff.

Gwen’s daughter, Babs Masters said, ‘Mum has always enjoyed leading a healthy lifestyle eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. She also has a great sense of humour.  We are delighted that she continues to lead a fulfilling life at Weymouth Care Home. She really enjoyed her party and we are grateful to staff for making her day so special’.

Some recent day to day activities