16 February 2021

Looking Forward To Life After Lockdown And Shielding

As more of the UK population becomes vaccinated and Covid-19 infections continue to fall, at some point lockdown restrictions will be eased. For people who’ve been shielding during the pandemic, this can’t come soon enough. Even so, many will want to remain cautious. Venturing back out into the world could feel like a big step and there will still be some risks.

Until the overwhelming majority of the UK population has been vaccinated, controlling the spread of the virus remains a priority. It will be far from a case of everything immediately returning to normal. Regaining your independence in a way that feels safe – and is safe – will be a gradual process.

Crowded shops and town centres are still best avoided for some time as they are still a risk. Soon though, we’ll be into spring and better weather. Quieter, open spaces will be a more manageable way to spend time with the friends and family you’ve been missing and to adjust to being outdoors and around people that you don’t know. Being outdoors is good for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Help With Everyday Tasks

It’s still important to ask for help when you need it. This could be with shopping, personal care or domestic chores for example. Once you’ve been vaccinated it will be easier for people to offer help – there’s much less risk of anyone passing on the virus to a vulnerable person. Even so, people who come into your home should continue to wear masks and wash their hands thoroughly.


Being cautious yourself will also help ensure that you don’t unwittingly transmit the virus to anyone who visits your home (something that may still be possible even after vaccination).

Learning to use technology is still worthwhile. Video conferencing and messaging apps make it easy to stay connected even when you can’t meet in person as often as you’d like to.

You could also consider using a home care provider to help with personal and domestic care. You might not have been ready to do this while you were shielding but a few hours help each week with personal care or tasks like cleaning and shopping can make an enormous difference to your life.


Altogether Care offers a professional and friendly care at home service in Dorset, South Somerset and Hampshire. Get in touch on 01305 300 161 if you’d like to find out more about your options.

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