Living Well: Dementia Care During COVID-19

Contrary to many misconceptions, most people with dementia continue to live fulfilled and enjoyable lives, which is the very aim of what we do at Altogether Care. Our Dementia care is supportive, respectful and encouraging – never patronising.

But what about Dementia care during COVID-19? 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for many people, let alone with the added concerns about whether you or your loved one will get the care they need during such unpredictable times. That’s why we’re devoted in delivery high quality care, with the least disruption as possible during the pandemic.

Family Support

Dementia care means supporting families as well as individuals. It can be an upsetting time for family members as the condition progresses. And there are also likely to be many concerns surrounding how you will get to see or speak to your loved one during current circumstances.

We understand it is an incredibly difficult time during the lockdown and with visiting restrictions at our care homes. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring residents have access to virtual calls via Skype. We are also enabling indoor visiting for loved ones needing a compassionate visit for residents whose passing is imminent at the end of life, which we understand is so vitally important.

We also regularly update our visitation policy here.


Activity and Therapy

Keeping active is vital for anyone with dementia. Sherborne House is in the final stages of refurbishment work that will help us deliver the highest standards of physical, emotional and mental care. Residents benefit from therapies including physiotherapy, speech therapy and chiropody and can take part in many stimulating activities. That means there is always something for residents to be doing when they are finding being away from their families particularly difficult. Keeping active and stimulating the mind is also known to reduce stress and anxiety, improving overall wellbeing.

The other critical aspect of effective dementia care is a healthy diet. Meals at Sherborne House are supplied by Apetito. They specialise in providing chef-prepared meals that are made from fresh ingredients and are nutritionally balanced to suit care home residents. There is no disruption to this meals service in any of our care homes.

Having dementia or being in care are not things that define a person. Dementia care with Altogether Care is there to support individuals and their families to get on and enjoy life as much as possible. Contact us on 01935 423 210 or email contact@altogethercare.co.uk.

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