Joined Up Care Is Better Care

Any individual’s care needs are likely to change over time. The change could be temporary, for example while recovering from a medical procedure, or it could be longer term for health conditions that become progressively more acute.

What’s important is that there’s continuity. People needing personal or nursing care shouldn’t need to have to keep telling their story over and over again to different people. If your needs change from a few hours of care at home, to Live care or to residential care, there should be a seamless handover to ensure your care needs continue to be met.

Staying With A Care Provider Who Knows You

One advantage of an organisation like Altogether Care that offers a full range of flexible care and support, is that your needs can be met without changing your care provider. This means you have the reassurance of staying as part of our family, receiving care and support from people you know and who know you.

You’re always dealing with people you know and who know you.

But it isn’t just about the range of care support on offer. Information such as your personalised care plan has to flow easily and securely between different teams – so that whoever is delivering your care will have all the information they need to support you in the most effective way.

Digital Care Planning and Joined Up Care

Some time ago Altogether Care invested in digital care planning software. This helps us work efficiently and effectively to meet the individual needs of everyone we support. It also means that all the vital information about each individual and the care they need is easily available. Your care plan travels with you as you access different services.

Digital care planning tools also make it easier for us to collaborate with other healthcare professionals who might be involved in your care. Using digital tools helps us join everything together so that each person always receives the care they need.

If you are considering your care options and want to plan for the longer rather than immediate term, take a look at the different types of care we deliver. Or call one of our team on 01305 300 161 who’ll be happy to talk through your needs and options.

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