Are You Looking For a Job or a Career?

What’s the difference between a job and a career? A job is simply something you do for money. You trade a number of hours of your life for a financial return. Your job last year or next year doesn’t look much different from your job today.

A career is something you commit to for the longer term. Ahead of you, you can see a pathway to new skills, new knowledge and new opportunities.

Not everyone wants or needs a career. For some, a job is fine – they just want to pay the bills. But for a lot of people a job with repetitive routines and experiences isn’t a good fit. It’s dull and unfulfilling. It doesn’t feel like they’re doing anything that matters very much.

If that all sounds a bit too familiar, maybe it’s time to explore different options.

The care sector is a great place to build a career. There are different types of care and many different specialisms to explore and potentially master. There is always opportunities to continuing learning and developing as a person.

Are Jobs Secure?

The other issue when you have a job can be security. The world of work is constantly changing; Your job today might not exist in a few years’ time. If your knowledge and skills aren’t evolving, you might not find it easy to adapt to something new.

Your career is something to engage with, in a way that you never can with a job. It can bring satisfaction, pride in your work and a sense of achievement as you progress.

Another big advantage of building your career in the care sector is that there will always be a need for what you do. The population is ageing and some people will need specialist care as they live longer and develop health conditions, others will just need a bit of help with everyday life. Your skills will always be in demand.

Altogether Care is committed to career development for all of our staff. So if you’re looking for a change and want to start a rewarding career, give Altogether Care a call on 01305 230488 or email careers@altogethercare.co.uk, or check out our current vacancies.

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