A Warm Welcome from Altogether Care

Altogether Care Teams with the Warm Welcome Campaign to offer comfort to those in need

The weather is cold and Altogether Care are pleased to announce that we have opened up our office hubs in collaboration with the Warm Welcome Spaces campaign.

During the worst cost-of-living crisis in 70 years, the Warm Welcome Campaign emerged as a collective response to build a movement for a fairer and friendlier society by supporting warm and welcoming spaces in every community in the UK.

Join Us

Altogether Care is happy to be able to offer a Warm Welcome Space at our Care at Home offices across the South-West. Pop into our offices for a hot drink, soup, and a cake. Mostly importantly, why not call in for a chat? We have 14 offices in total from Southampton to Exeter.

Poverty can compound isolation and loneliness and prevent people from connecting with others. The dark evenings and cold winter months can be challenging for everyone, especially those who feel lonely and isolated, and anyone who can’t afford to keep heat their homes or get enough to eat.

By working together, Warm Welcome and Altogether Care will ensure everyone has somewhere warm and friendly to go. No one should be left to get through winter alone.

Over 14.4 million people live in poverty in the UK and over 7 million people experience chronic loneliness. Let’s work to bring people together.


Values Created Our Heritage And Are Building Our Future

Before you can be an organisation that delivers care, you have to be one that cares about each individual who uses our services and those who help deliver them. 

That core value inspired our foundation 35 years ago and still drives us today.

Altogether Care is a family-owned business, just like it was when we started. When Brian and Margaret opened our first care home their priority was to treat people who use our services and those who help deliver them as you would a member of your own family. 

Like all good families the business is built on the principles of listening, caring and mutual respect.

We Look After The People Who Look After You

The experience of people who use our services is determined by the skill and dedication of the staff members who care for them. The better we look after them the better they can look after you. 

We aim to recruit people who share our values and then encourage them to stay with us to develop their capabilities and careers. They can then provide a better standard of service for our residents and those who prefer to be cared for in their own homes. 

Keeping The Caring Ethos Alive

Continuity is vital. The management board that runs the company today continues that tradition and family ethos. Around three quarters of our senior managers are people who built their careers within Altogether Care. 

From a single care home, the group has grown substantially. We now have two larger homes catering for a wide range of care needs and offer care at home and live-in care across Dorset, Devon, South Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire

We continue to grow and develop but the values we live by will never change.

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