“My Elderly Relative Needs Help But Won’t Accept It”

As we get older, tasks that we used to take in our stride start to become a bit harder. This is a normal feature of the ageing process. With things like DIY, home improvements and decorating it seems easy and normal to accept that there are jobs we used to do ourselves that we now pay somebody to do for us.

When it comes to personal care sometimes we’re a bit more reluctant to accept that we need help. There are many reasons for this. If you have an elderly relative who is adamant that they ‘can cope just fine, thank you very much,’ even when you can plainly see they can’t, it’s quite normal.

If you see it from their perspective it can feel a bit like giving in. Ageing and a decline in physical (or mental) capacity can be a hard thing to accept. Hiring a carer, even for just a few hours a week, can feel like giving up your independence. It can even feel like one step closer to leaving your own home and going into residential care.

But there’s no reason why older people should have to struggle with everyday tasks. A care at home service can make a huge difference to their quality of life. Getting a relative to accept the help they need often depends on how you handle the discussion.

Introduce the Idea Gently

Going in with both feet and expecting somebody to instantly accept that they need a care at home service will probably be counterproductive. They are more likely to dig their heels in.

It’s a good idea to introduce the idea gradually and maybe steer clear of terms like care service. Perhaps have a more general conversation about how they see the future. Talk about the possibility of getting somebody to help around the house rather than a carer. Give them time to get used to the idea.

Focus on the positives and talk about more enjoyable ways that they could spend their time rather than on doing things that are a struggle.

Don’t Take Over

Exasperation is a normal reaction when somebody refuses to accept help. But ultimately it’s their decision – unless social services decide that they are incapable of caring for themselves. You can’t decide for them and shouldn’t try to. Concentrate on being supportive and making sure that they feel they are in control. 

If you have any questions about the best way to broach the subject of getting support from a care at home service, the team at Altogether Care will be happy to answer them. Please visit https://altogethercare.co.uk/care-at-home/ or call 01305 300 161 for more details.

We Put The Care Into Career

How many people can say that what they did at work today made a real difference to somebody? And how many people are lucky enough to be certain that the sector they work in has almost guaranteed long-term employment and career development opportunities?

In many walks of life, employment is precarious and unsatisfying. But it isn’t in the care sector and definitely isn’t with Altogether Care.

Not only do you get job security and satisfaction, you get the chance to work with great colleagues and meet fascinating people with diverse backgrounds every day.

Starting Your Care Career – Support and Development

If you haven’t worked in care before, don’t worry about being thrown in at the deep end. You’ll get a thorough induction, job-specific training and support from more experienced colleagues to help you settle into your new career.

You’ll also get regular reviews and one-to-one supervisions that will help you develop your career and your confidence.

Development and Career Pathways

Through formal qualifications and professional training, there are many opportunities to develop a successful career in care. This could be by specialising in particular areas such as dementia care or by enhancing your supervisory or management skills to move into a leadership role.

Whichever way you’d like your career to grow, the leadership team at Altogether Care will be here to help and support you.

We can offer you attractive hourly rates, full-time permanent contracts, free professional training, and a great range of staff benefits.

The staff benefits scheme also includes:

  • Retail discount vouchers
  • Discounted holidays and travel insurance
  • Various leisure and restaurant vouchers
  • A hospital plan

If you’re looking for a job with security, opportunity and the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives, we have what you’re looking for.

Check out current opportunities at https://altogethercare.co.uk/careers/ or contact us on 01305 230 488 and let’s talk about your future in care.

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