New Year, Is It Time for a New Career?

The New Year is typically the time of year when we reflect on the things we want to change in our lives. Since it takes up so much precious time, maybe your job is a good place to start.

According to recent research by the Resolution Foundation, 54% of people say they are ‘satisfied’ with their work. Put another way, nearly half aren’t. And ‘satisfied’ isn’t really a demanding benchmark, is it?

How many of those people are enthused by their work because they can see that it’s worthwhile and they feel supported by their employer? Do they get to go home at the end of every day and say, ‘what I did today was important and made a difference’?

Is Yours a Good Place to Work?

Job satisfaction isn’t just about the work you do and the tasks you perform. Your relationship with your employer also matters. So, what’s your relationship with your current job and employer like? Would you use any of the following words to describe it: trust, respect, positive, compassionate?

These, along with safety, are the principles outlined in Altogether Care’s Staff Charter. More importantly they’re the values that govern how we work, what you could expect from us as an employer and what we would expect from you in return.

If those values sound appealing but don’t reflect your current job, maybe it’s time for a change. In the care sector you have the opportunity to do something that really matters every day. Something that makes a difference to people’s lives. Not many careers give you the chance to do that. And at Altogether Care you’ll find a supportive employer who will help you build your career in care.

You can find more information on different care careers on the Skills for Care website. Alternatively, if you live in south Somerset or Dorset and are thinking about a more rewarding career, contact us on 01305 230488 or email careers@altogethercare.co.uk, or check out our current vacancies.

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