Employee of the Month – July

We are delighted to reveal our Employees of the Month for July for each of our care homes. Each month, care home managers at Sherborne House, Steepleton Manor and Weymouth Care Home will hand pick team members who demonstrate a passion for their role and go above and beyond to provide excellent standard of care and support to residents.

Our Employees of the Month for July are:

Sherborne House

Dean Greenslade

Dean is always willing to help whenever he can and demonstrates efficiency at work.  He is a valuable asset to Sherborne House.

Weymouth Care Home

Alan Stevens

Alan has been nominated for his cheery disposition, winning smile and for how attentive he is to the resident’s needs, providing mouth-watering, nutritious meals.

Steepleton Manor

Deborah Stanford

Apart from being a good carer, Debbie is kind-hearted, considerate and cheerful. She brightens a room when she walks in with her sunny smile and cheerful greetings. She is reliable with great time keeping skills and a great asset to the team.

Congratulations to all Employees of the Month!

West Moors Award

Congratulations to Laura House and Charley Blackburn from Care at Home, West Moors. Both ladies received a 5-year service awards this month. Ami Vine presented the awards along with a big ‘well done’!

Getting the Balance Right with Care Home Food

Food is an important part of life. It’s not just the fact that we need the right food to survive and be healthy, there is also an emotional aspect. Good care home food is essential for good care.

For many of us, a good tasty meal makes us happy. Happier still if we can enjoy it with people that we like and care about. At Altogether Care, the importance of good nutrition and fresh food has always been understood, and medical science is continuously uncovering new knowledge about the importance of certain foods and how our optimal nutrition can change with age or with certain medical conditions.

At Steepleton Manor, food and nutrition are central to the ‘life at the manor’ approach, which is why from July 2018 we are excited to be working with Apetito- a leading provider of Care Home nutrition. We are looking forward to experiencing their expertise in the form of an in-house dietitian and nutritionists, and the benefits that this will provide for our residents.

Nutrition and Wellbeing in Elderly People

As we get older we usually need more calcium and vitamin D to help maintain bone health, for example. Older people find that they often don’t synthesize as much vitamin D from sunlight as younger people. And older bodies often find it harder to absorb nutrients such as vitamin B12 and B6 that may help reduce the risks of strokes and dementia.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help protect against heart disease, they may alleviate some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and preserve eye health, prevent cognitive decline and improve how our immune systems operate.

Taste and Smell

Sense of smell and taste can also become less acute in older people. Consequently, the notion of what constitutes an appetizing meal may be different. Older people may also prefer smaller meals; so less substantial but more frequent meals may be appropriate.

There’s plenty to consider when it comes to individual care and nutrition. Best of all, at all of our care homes, residents enjoy catering that looks and tastes fantastic, as well as being good for you.

The quality and nutritional value of the catering is just one of the features that makes life at Steepleton Manor such a special experience.

For more information on Steepleton Manor, or to arrange a visit, click here.

Steepleton Manor Open Day 6th October

On the 6th October 2018, between 12pm and 4pm we are opening our doors at Steepleton Manor care home to celebrate 30 years as a family business in care.

Steepleton Manor is our luxury care home, specialising in assisted living and residential care, set in the picturesque village of Winterbourne Steepleton near Dorchester. Surrounded by six acres of mature landscaped parkland, it features its own walled kitchen garden where residents can grow their own produce. At Steepleton Manor you will find a vibrant living environment with a range of social and exercise activities, a library, tailored nutritional food and therapies to support a healthy and high quality lifestyle.

We want to celebrate our commitment to providing quality care for 30 years and demonstrate what life at the Manor is really like by opening our doors for the day. The event will feature information on the events programme we run, a tethered hot air balloon, classic car display, nutrition information and catering, music sessions, and some freshly made cakes and cream teas to enjoy. Plus, there will be an opportunity to have a look around the manor and learn more about what we do to provide a family feel with our care environment.

For more information, please call us on 01305 300 161.

Steepleton Manor,

Gardening Club at Steepleton Manor

Residents saw the re-launch of Ian’s Gardening Club recently at Steepleton Manor. Taking advantage of the lovely weather, everyone sat outside and planted seeds and beans in the raised beds and Nepeta and Fuchsia seeds in planters.

The club will meet every Tuesday with a different green fingered activity each week.

When is Care at Home the Best Option?

The simplest answer to that question is probably: when it is what suits the care needs and wishes of the individual concerned. Naturally, things are rarely that simple.

There are many reasons why a person might need either temporary or long-term care. And, for many, their own home is where they would prefer to receive that care, rather than in a residential setting. Receiving care at home can result in more independence, a better quality of life and speedier recovery from major illness and accidents.

Having good quality home care services available can help to bring about earlier discharges from hospital. This frees a hospital bed and usually helps people recover more quickly when all they really need is some help with housework or personal care while they regain the strength and mobility needed to perform these tasks safely for themselves.

Familiar Surroundings

For some, residential care would also mean becoming more distant from family, friends and a familiar environment. Being able to remain in their own home for as long as possible is important to them and improves their quality of life.

The critical thing is that there are good quality home care services available that can be moulded around individual needs. This could help with simple everyday tasks such as cleaning, washing and ironing, shopping, cooking and collecting pensions. In other cases, the need is for a transport and escort service for medical appointments, day care attendance, and general outings.

No two people’s situations are identical. The care delivered must, therefore, fit with their circumstances and their goals. The care package will often include activity therapy, which plays a vital role in helping people to recover skills and independence following an accident or stay in hospital.

And sometimes it’s the carer who needs a break if, for example, they are helping to look after with somebody who has dementia. A short period of care from a specialist dementia nurse can offer the opportunity for a much-needed rest.

Altogether Care offers a wide range of Care at Home services. To find out more and discuss the care needs of you or a close relative call us on 01305 300 161.

What is Quality of Life in a Care Home Really Like?

Although people’s understanding is improving, there are still some lingering myths about life in a care home. There used to be a view that a care home was simply an option when you couldn’t cope with living on your own any more.

Step inside one of our care homes and you will see a different reality. Here you will find people who are getting on with life full of activities, rather than sitting around rather than sitting around a badly tuned television.

People Need People

For old people living alone, loneliness and isolation are often major issues. The effect this has on emotional wellbeing has huge knock on effects for mental and physical health. Companionship and social interactions are the most obvious benefits of residential care.

Not having the burden of running your own home leaves more time to do things you enjoy. In many ways it is swapping a struggle to get by with more time and opportunity for greater enjoyment and fulfillment.

Help and Support

Good care homes are set up to help residents enjoy the best possible quality of life. There is a support structure in place to promote physical and mental wellbeing through fun activities, and well thought out varied nutrition and appropriate therapies. But there’s no doubt that being part of a community with friends and support always on hand is the foundation for an enjoyable later life.

There’s also the reassurance that experienced care staff are at hand, not just to deal with immediate care needs, medication and so on, but also to keep an eye on overall health and wellbeing. It’s more likely that any health issues are picked up sooner so care plans can quickly adapt to any changing needs.

If you are interested in reality rather than myths, the best option is to arrange a visit to Sherborne House, Steepleton Manor, or Weymouth Care Home to see for yourself.

Employee of the Month – June

We are delighted to reveal our Employees of the Month for June for each of our care homes. Each month, care home managers at Sherborne House, Steepleton Manor and Weymouth Care Home will hand pick team members who demonstrate a passion for their role and go above and beyond to provide excellent standard of care and support to residents.

Our Employees of the Month for June are:

Sherborne House

Cosma Abreu

Cosma has the warmest smile and most infectious laugh which makes the residents laugh when passing her.  Cosma works between laundry and cleaning but always puts a smile on the face of residents.

Weymouth Care Home

Nicola Fahay

Nicola’s helpful and cheery disposition and ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of the home makes her a superstar among her team.

Steepleton Manor

Emma Southam

Emma is an absolute joy to work with. She is friendly, helpful and always willing to help when needed. Her years of care experience adds an extra boost to the team and we feel lucky to have Emma.

Congratulations to all Employees of the Month!

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