Getting the Balance Right with Care Home Food

Food is an important part of life. It’s not just the fact that we need the right food to survive and be healthy, there is also an emotional aspect. Good care home food is essential for good care.

For many of us, a good tasty meal makes us happy. Happier still if we can enjoy it with people that we like and care about. At Altogether Care, the importance of good nutrition and fresh food has always been understood, and medical science is continuously uncovering new knowledge about the importance of certain foods and how our optimal nutrition can change with age or with certain medical conditions.

At Steepleton Manor, food and nutrition are central to the ‘life at the manor’ approach, which is why from July 2018 we are excited to be working with Apetito- a leading provider of Care Home nutrition. We are looking forward to experiencing their expertise in the form of an in-house dietitian and nutritionists, and the benefits that this will provide for our residents.

Nutrition and Wellbeing in Elderly People

As we get older we usually need more calcium and vitamin D to help maintain bone health, for example. Older people find that they often don’t synthesize as much vitamin D from sunlight as younger people. And older bodies often find it harder to absorb nutrients such as vitamin B12 and B6 that may help reduce the risks of strokes and dementia.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to help protect against heart disease, they may alleviate some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and preserve eye health, prevent cognitive decline and improve how our immune systems operate.

Taste and Smell

Sense of smell and taste can also become less acute in older people. Consequently, the notion of what constitutes an appetizing meal may be different. Older people may also prefer smaller meals; so less substantial but more frequent meals may be appropriate.

There’s plenty to consider when it comes to individual care and nutrition. Best of all, at all of our care homes, residents enjoy catering that looks and tastes fantastic, as well as being good for you.

The quality and nutritional value of the catering is just one of the features that makes life at Steepleton Manor such a special experience.

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