Gardening Club at Steepleton Manor

Residents saw the re-launch of Ian’s Gardening Club recently at Steepleton Manor. Taking advantage of the lovely weather, everyone sat outside and planted seeds and beans in the raised beds and Nepeta and Fuchsia seeds in planters.

The club will meet every Tuesday with a different green fingered activity each week.

Sowing seeds for springtime

Residents and staff enjoyed some indoor gardening this month when they sowed trays of seeds to add to the gardens at Steepleton Manor later this year.

Rachel Lewis, Activities Co-ordinator said, ‘We all enjoyed having green fingers and getting our hands dirty. The seeds will no doubt grow quickly in our warm home! One of our residents had spent many hours in his own garden, so was delighted to be able to sow seeds in the comfort of his chair’.

Some recent day to day activities