Mara Celebrates 90th Birthday

Mara McGregor celebrated her 90th birthday recently at Steepleton Manor Care Home. On her birthday she was presented with a chocolate cake, a bunch of roses and a plant and card signed by all staff. She also enjoyed listening to a live harp and flute music performance.

Born on 10th March 1927, Mara – Marigold McGregor, was born in Penang, a small island close to Malaysia. She grew up in Africa and met her husband in East Africa. They moved to England in 1950 and have two daughters and a son.

She worked as a portrait artist and was privileged to Paint the Queen Mother, the Queen, Prince Charles and Princess Anne in live settings. She later took an interest in painting animals and has painted some famous racehorses and went on a wildlife tour to Africa with David Shepherd.

Mara came to live at Steepleton Manor in 2012 and is a much-loved resident.

Some recent day to day activities