Laszlo celebrates big birthday two years early!

Laszlo Bartus, Manager at Steepleton Manor Care Home got more than he bargained for when he celebrated his 58th birthday this month.

Staff made him a special cake but had run out of candles so were forced to use a 60th birthday candle!

Laszlo was fortunately good humoured and made the most of the celebration with his colleagues. A good time was enjoyed by all.

100 Years Happy!

Steepleton Manor resident Daphne Morrison celebrated being 100 years old on 7th May and enjoyed a special party alongside family and friends.

Born on 7th May 1917 in Guernsey she later moved to London to work as a school teacher. Daphne has two sons and a daughter and a number of grandchildren.  Her love of books continues to this day and she reads on average around 25 books a month. Her favourite being thrillers.

Around 40 people attended Daphne’s party complete with a live jazz band and buffet. In addition to having a special cake, flowers and lots of cards she received a telegram from Her Majesty, The Queen.

Photo: Daphne Morrison (centre) with Brian Westlake (right), Lazlo Bartus (left) and Peter (Daphne’s Son), centre back.

Happy Birthday to West Moors

Care at Home’s West Moors Office marked their first birthday this month.

Celebrations took place last week with tea and cake to mark the occasion.

Clients came to join the office staff for the celebrations and everyone enjoyed a chat over a cup of tea and some delicious home-made cake! Here’s to many more birthday celebrations to come.


Happy Birthday John Redhead

Steepleton Manor resident John Redhead celebrated his 80th birthday on 10th January.

He enjoyed a chocolate and strawberry birthday cake and was given a book. John, who loves to read, lived in Blackpool and taught English to overseas students after studying languages at university. Staff and residents joined John in celebrating his special birthday.

He has been a resident at Steepleton Manor for 17 months and was born in Middlesex.

Terry celebrates his 80th

Terry Harknett, a resident at Steepleton Manor Care Home celebrated his 80th birthday on 14th December.

He marked the occasion with a special white chocolate birthday cake, golden balloon and a party which he shared with his friends and staff at the 29 bedroomed, Grade II listed Victorian manor house in the village of Winterbourne Steepleton, near Dorchester.

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