A Better Way to Recruit Staff in Dorset, South Somerset and Hampshire

Unfilled job vacancies are at unprecedented levels in the UK. According the Office of National Statistics there are 2.9 vacancies for every 100 jobs. The average time taken to fill posts is also growing.

Among the sectors suffering most are hotels, food service businesses and health and social care. Around Dorset, South Somerset and Hampshire we are certainly seeing some of this pressure.

There’s a real challenge for organisations, from hotels and restaurants, to schools, surgeries and care providers to find not just people, but the right people. The question is, where to turn for help?

One option is the recruitment agencies who, to be honest, are struggling just as much as anyone to find good candidates.

Another option is to work with a more specialist expert in this field, that has over 30 years’ experience recruiting its own staff in roles as diverse as chefs, cleaners, handymen, admin, care and nursing. We recently launched Altogether Connect to share our recruitment expertise with other organisations in Dorset, South Somerset and Hampshire, looking specifically for these types of staff that can be especially hard to find as the competition for staff intensifies.

We seem to have an eye for spotting talented people who are ready to build a career with an organisation. We must be doing something right because many of our own staff have been with us for over ten years. The process starts with attracting and identifying the right people in the first place, with the skills, values and behaviours needed to be a productive and valued colleague.

As an employer and a care business, we also have first-hand experience of how to recruit these people and what they are looking for, which gives us a unique insight that other recruiters may lack.

Given our background, we specialise in recruiting care staff, nursing, chefs, handymen, catering staff and cleaners (domestic and commercial). And we help find people to fill these roles in restaurants, hotels, schools, doctors’ surgeries and social care providers. We also help individuals find trusted people to provide these services in their own homes.

So, if finding good quality staff in and around Dorset, Somerset or Hampshire is one of your biggest headaches give Altogether Connect a try. Find out more and enquire here.

Altogether Connect – Now You Can Take Advantage of Our Recruitment Expertise

Running multiple care homes and care at home services across Dorset, South Somerset and Hampshire means we have a wealth of experience in recruiting staff for a wide range of roles. As well as our excellent care staff we also recruit commercial and domestic cleaners, handymen, chefs and nurses.

Our reputation for excellence is built on our people so we’ve become adept at finding and selecting people with the skills and personal attributes needed to succeed in a service environment.

Our staff resourcing process is highly developed and effective. So, we thought, why not share that expertise? Within the communities we work in there are countless businesses who need to recruit people with similar skills. These include hotels, pubs, restaurants, doctors’ surgeries, offices, schools and other care homes. Individual home owners also sometimes need cleaning and handyman services.

Introducing Altogether Connect

Altogether Connect is a new service to help a wide range of organisations find the staff they need. Now there is a simpler and cost-effective way to source temporary and permanent staff for the roles mentioned above. Our specialist recruitment team can help with everything from creating job descriptions and advertising through to pre-selection of candidates.

For smaller businesses, recruitment can eat up time that could be spent more productively elsewhere. It might not be something that you have been trained to do. And making poor recruitment decisions can be costly.

Altogether Connect takes the stress and uncertainty out of recruitment. Unlike a standard recruitment agency, we have first-hand experience of how people tend to perform once appointed. This gives us an additional insight into the individuals who are likely to be the best fit for your needs.

So, if you’re a hotel, pub, restaurant, school, surgery, or indeed a care home, and you’re looking for staff in Dorset, South Somerset and Hampshire, give the Altogether Care Connect team a call today on 01305 235 500. See how we can help save you time and the costs of making the wrong recruitment decisions.

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